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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 27, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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we are winning the case, and we are going to have great health care. the republican party will be the party of great health care. you watch. >> sean: and pre-existing conditions and choices? >> president trump: all included. we will have pre-existing conditions absolutely and we already got rid of the individual mandate, which was costing people a fortune, it was terrible. >> sean: mr. president, thank you so much for your time tonight. we appreciate you seeing so long and answering so many questions. we appreciate it. >> president trump: thank you very much, sean. >> sean: that is all the time we have lots. let not your heart be >> laura: you could have said laura had questions. i thought this was going to go for two hours. >> sean: i stole six seconds from you. i will give it back tomorrow. >> laura: i enjoyed it. i felt like it was a confab. i wanted to pull up a blanket and this is fun. >> sean: it so important, the issues we talk about. sometimes when you do
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interviews. 30 years in radio, 23 years. to really allow somebody to give their thoughts without the gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, got your game that so many in the media play. we learned a lot tonight. i know you're going to be talking about it and many others. you know what, though? the media needs to learn a lesson. they have been abusive -- >> laura: hannity, we have a whole analysis of the stages of grief that we've got to get to. we love the interview. >> sean: which one are we in? >> laura: it's ongoing. thank you. great interview. >> sean: i will give you six seconds tomorrow. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. if you thought the last couple nights were jam-packed, wait till you see what we have to make. reaction to some of what the president just said. newt gingrich, jim jordan, lindsey graham, more. digging into that in the left's continued denial over the results of the mueller pro. we have the latest on the jussie smollett case. to make "the ingraham angle"
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investigates how michelle obama, kamala harris, and george soros may have been involved. breaking news on how the fbi is now investigating the way prosecutors there handled the case. raymond arroyo is here. he will break down all the hollywood latest buffoonery, hyperventilating over no collusion and the people pull back. hilarious "seen and unseen" ahead. first, the five stages of democratic grief. that's the focus of tonight's angle. this may seem strange to you but i'm here tonight to counsel democrats to help them. yes, you heard right. to help. since similar report was handed down, millions of liberals across america have been suffering from a profound sense of loss. these feelings at times seem overwhelming. >> calm down. breathe, breathe.
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what did the bad man do? >> [screaming] [seven] >> laura: bless their hearts. they have invested so much of themselves into their futures in robert mueller taking on the president. they named their dogs after him. they lit candles for him. they even wore his name. they venerated him. and they gave him thanks. >> thank you, robert mueller and everyone working to make sure that we have sovereignty for the united states of america. >> laura: you see, mueller wasn't just a special prosecutor to democrats. he was a dat, a messiah-like figure who would deliver them fm the evil of trump and wash away the sin of the 2016 election. let's face it.
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even though built on rage, this was a religion for the left, and now with the results in an mr. mueller returning to private life, leftists of all ages are asking themselves who will replace him? what to look forward to now that it's all over. how to go back to normal life without the excitement of the investigation unfolding day after day. what will fill the void? well, recovery won't be easy. i'm not going to lie to you. for democrats, the end of this investigation is akin to the death of a loved one. they will need to develop coping mechanisms and do a lot of interior work. only then will they trump-haters be able to put their loss into perspective. and then move on. authors david kessler and elizabeth to barajas have written a number of books about. they broke it down into five stages.
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we see the democrats and they trump-haters working their way through the grieving process. stage one: denial. >> i don't buy that he's completely exonerated the way he just said. >> after two years, if you still have questions, you still can't answer that question, it's not good enough to say when you decide whether or not he's committed a crime. >> this is the start of something apparently, not the end of something. >> so much that needs to be, you know, take a look at at this point. >> there's a big difference between whether there is evidence of collusion and i think that evidence is in plain sight. >> laura: and after denial comes stage two. anger. >> why was there never interrogation of this president? how can they let trump off the hook? >> and any other standard, the person would've been arrested. they would've been polygraph done put out or brought to debt trap. >> there's not an african-american person in this country that could've been investigated for 22 months, had
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their family investigated for 22 months, and come off scot-free. >> it feels like the seeds evr cover up her here. >> laura: let it out. we understand. you spent two years living in a fantasy world of your own making. after anger comes perhaps grief's most embarrassing stayed where they tried to convince themselves that up is down, black is white, and trump is guilty. it's called bargaining. >> the mueller report will ultimately get out and there will be damaging information for the president. >> that was a finding. mueller did not exonerate this president. >> we have to be careful what it says. it doesn't mean trump is free and clear. >> laura: bargaining is sort of the last gasp of a dying fantasy but the fact is mueller did not find any evidence of much of the ballyhoo trump collusion with russia. it just didn't happen. i know it's hard. which brings us to stage four.
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depression. >> this weekend, we received some troubling news. our president is not a russian asset. >> obviously right now we have mostly just a ton of questions as to what mueller's report says, how complete it is, who gets to see it, who gets to decide who gets to see it, and when. >> there's an honest level of sadness and disappointment and disorientation among progressives and democrats. i think it goes deeper than just, you know, what's in the reports. >> laura: as sad as it is, the next level of grief is perhaps the most important. stage five: acceptance. this is where liberals are in real trouble because for them, there is no acceptance of the mueller findings. there can't be. they opt instead for vengeance. >> attorney general barr should be required to testify before the united states congress under oath.
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>> he should come before the united states congress. i do not deeply respect and trust the barr summary. >> i will certainly recommend that we bring bob mueller in to testify, that we take it to court if necessary. >> laura: okay, so many of them just will not accept this loss. but rebecca dudley certainly does. remember, she was the woman who cocreated this button and sold more than 48,000 of them to liberals all over the country. who said faith was dead? she told "the new york times" this week of the mueller report that "she knew there was no way anything could live up to two years of hype." so she's thinking of creating a new button to restore hope in the hearts of leftists everywhere. >> it will read st ny, as in southern district of new york. which i think may take them all the way back to the first stage of grief, denial.
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and that's the angle. joining us now, former house speaker newt gingrich, fox news contributor and host of a new podcast called newton's world. congressman jim jordan, ranking member of the house oversight committee. mr. speaker, which stage of grief do you think the liberals are in right now? >> i think they are in denial. i think they will be in denial until 20205. i think they will get up every morning and think he can still be there. it's not true. and i think that's why they are as nutty as they are. >> laura: congressman jordan, this has been a wild week. you predicted much of this, so did newt, so did i. you see the democrats, they are in the struggle. they are in the struggle with reality, struggle with their own base, struggle with the fact that they devoted two years and they identify themselves with this religion of hating trump.
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>> the speaker is right. they are in denial because it was so strong, what bill barr said about bob mueller's investigation. remember the numbers. 1945, 19 lawyers, 40 fbi agents, 500 search warrants and 2800 subpoenas and what were the conclusions? no no indictments, no sealed indictments, no collusion, no obstruction. it could not be more definitive. the two years of hype they built up based on this false dossier narrative that started the whole thing. now comes kind of crashing down. what are they going to do? because they are in denial, they are going to launch a whole bunch of new investigations and they will not accept with the special counsel said. >> laura: maybe it's like, newt, ona find out maybe the easter bunny isn't going to hop into your house. maybe it's more complicated. there's a sense of disappointment. the president spoke out in the interview with sean hannity. he talked specifically about what congressman jordan was
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alluding to, what was going on at the fbi. let's watch. >> president trump: schiff is a bad guy. he knew he was lying. for year and half, he would go on and lie and lie and leak and call up cnn and others. he should be forced out of office. he is a disgrace to our country. you have dirty cops. you had people who are bad fbi folks. i know so many. they are incredible people, but at the top, they were not clean, to put it mildly. what they did to our country was a terrible terrible thing. >> laura: schiff, the fbi, he hit them both pretty hard. >> i think there are three big investigations coming out of this. one is the deep state effort. you had a coup d'etat. from obama all the way down. joe biden is going to have an interesting problem because he was vice president during this. >> laura: play this out. we want to understand what
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you're saying. >> was biden so out of the loop they had no idea what was going on? in which case he looks kind of weird or did biden know i'm not saying anything? it's clear that during the last phase of the obama presidency, they were actively working. i think the point the president made this evening, talk about attorney general lynch meeting with bill clinton. we ought to get both of them under oath, and i'm hoping that lindsey graham is when to be very thorough. one investigation is what happened in the effort to destroy trump? the second investigation, since it's exactly the same people, what happened in the effort to protect hillary? and the third, frankly, i've been urging the news media to create their own special commission under the freedom of the press. i don't like it's a government function. "the new york times," "the washington post" should return their pulitzer prizes for fault, clearly for a fake news. >> laura: complete fraud
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perpetrated on the pulitzer committee. >> we have to have news people look at how did they get to be this sick? >> laura: congress me jordan, i forgot to add one other stage of dealing with grief. confusion. tonight in an interview, fired fbi director jim comey seemed to be suffering from confusion. watch. >> were you convinced in your mind that there was a strong possibility that this campaign, this presidential candidate at the time was colluding with russia. >> i really didn't know. there was smoke and enough smoke to justify investigating. >> what are your questions? >> the obstruction piece confuses me. the purpose of a special counsel is to make sure that the politicals, the attorney general, does make the ultimate call. >> laura: he is confused by mueller not concluding that the president obstructed justice when the element of being an underlying crime wasn't there. it's big we have been confused by jim comey's comments for a couple years now, the way he handled the clinton investigation and things he did
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which were unprecedented. that's why he was fired. andrew mccabe, fired. jim baker, demoted. left the fbi under investigation. lisa page. >> laura: can you do this backwards question rang >> peter strzok demoted and fired. as a speaker said, these are the same hippo around the clinton investigation and launch the russian investigation. look at the names. why is it called the clinton investigation. midyear exam. the trump-russian investigation. cross fire hurricane. >> laura: it's like crossword clues. i didn't know that. >> the one thing that i would add. never forget what chuck schumer said on january 6, 2017, president-elect trump. he said you mess with the intelligence community, they have six ways from sunday getting back at you. that's scary. it's not supposed work that way in this country. what are they going to get back at the president for? for winning the election? that's what's wrong and that's why we have to do the investigation. >> laura: newt, you and i have talked about this before.
7:15 pm
repercussions for this bad behavior of government actors within a norma's amount of power. they -- i am so sick of the phrase weaponize. but they used the entire intelligence apparatus as a cudgel against various people, the president being the biggest target. but a lot of other people are taken down in the process. a lot of other people suffered. they couldn't pay their kids' tuition bills as we heard from mike cavuto yesterday. >> one of the things that lindsey graham ought to do is go out and ask everybody who was approached how much did you have to spend. i talked to a person last night who was utterly, totally innocent. like a bystander at a car wreck. cost 1 million, $200,000. to have done nothing. >> laura: it's a complete outrage. >> laura: i think we'll probably find a half a billion dollars it cost the citizens of the united states to protect themselves from their own government.
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>> laura: and you think of people like samantha power, you think of ben rhodes. this will crowd in the clinton -- ben rhodes is still going on tv, still talking about how this all stinks to high heaven. >> susan rice that all kinds of wrong things. what bothers americans most is the double standard. one set of rules for regular people. people i get the privilege of representing. a different set if your name is clinton, comey, lynch, learner praise >> laura: out about the democratic party today? i tried to give them counseling. what do you think they can do. they've gotten themselves in a bit of a trick box. i'm not going to get all cocky about it. like they can't ever recover. but they are in a bit of a bind with the based on the leftists in their party. >> they have a real dilemma and i think you probably wouldn't totally agree with it.
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in a way, being totally crazy about this may be less destructive than getting quiet and letting us see who they really are. i was approached by a reporter this morning. think about this. >> laura: ic. >> i was approached by a reporter this morning who said what do i think about nancy pelosi's effort to move the party towards the center and talked on the left wing. i said that's baloney. i said pelosi is the leader of the semi crazy wing of the party. trying to calm down the really crazy wing of the party. the semi crazy wing. if you look at the presidential candidates, they are for infanticide, abolishing all private insurance, for 70% tax rate, eliminating all fossil fuels. you go down the list of what these people are already for, they are now seriously talking about reparations. >> noncitizens voting. >> laura: you can go down the list. >> that is the mildly crazy wing. that's not the crazy, crazy wing. in a sense, the democrats right
7:18 pm
now just look really stupid lying about donald trump. >> laura: the mueller obsession in a way was better because it obscured the rest of the stuff. now it's kind of the rest of the stuff. congress, it seems like the democrats maybe don't want to lm mueller. >> we see investigations going on literally from coast-to-coast. >> why doesn't he release his tax returns. >> what we need to do is follow the evidence, continue to investigate. >> laura: it's going to be the inauguration, trumped real estate deals going back 27, 28 years. >> chairman cummings sent a letter to the president when he was a private citizen, his accounting firm, for the last ten years. this is craziness. this is how determined they are. they are so focused on stopping the president instead of doing things -- >> laura: is newt's theory is
7:19 pm
interesting. when you start letting ocasio-cortez and the rest of the crowd talk about policy and you have to do this jiu-jitsu thing with her, then you're like well, i have to defend the stuff. >> if you are a normal democrat which means you're crazy, but if you are normal crazy democrat and you go to a town hall meeting, would you rather rant and rave about donald trump are trying to defend infanticide? is that bad. would you like to try to explain how reparations would work? these are people who are now engaged in the insanity disguised as public -- >> laura: now that joe biden said a panel of white men can't be unbiased in dealing with the confirmation hearing and going after -- we are going to talk about it with instagram, the justice thomas hearing. they could get reparations too under this twisted theory. great having both on. with all the hysteria over russia, we thought it was worth asking you the viewer, who was the biggest threat to the united states? russia, china, north korea. i posted a poll on my twitter feed so go there and i will
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reveal the results at the end of the show. up next, we have some breaking news on the jussie smollett fallout. how the fbi is now involved. new details of the shady political connections to the attorney had. the obamas are just the beginning. stay there. n-d. while the leading allergy spray only relieves 6 symptoms, claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. we really pride ourselves >> ton making it easyautoglass, to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it.
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>> laura: chicago police punching back, releasing case file showing just how quickly jussie smollett's claims fell apart. the move came after they were thrown under the bus by the cook county prosecutor's office and its head, kim foxx, we will get to her in a moment. the police case file shows three detectives working on the case relies within days "a plan was formulated and put into play by smollett to conduct a staged incident."
7:25 pm
the case files also reveal that the fbi has been involved in the investigation from the start. wow. tonight we're learning that the fbi is now investigating why the charges were dropped. yay. that probe no doubt revolves around state's attorney kim foxx. last night we brought you the details of how former michelle obama staffer tina tchen set up a conversation between ms. foxx and the let not your heart be troubled family. -- the smollett family. fox defended the decision. >> it was avail to alternative prosecution model that anyone else without his riches, without his fame, would also avail to. it's frustrating, the nature of his offense, we treated mr. smollett in the same way we would treat similarly situated folks. >> laura: tonight we can reveal another political connection.
7:26 pm
when foxx was running for this position, a soros-backed group bankrolled a large part of her campaign to the tune of $300,000. another $180,000 was given to another part of her campaign, a related super pac. if this story could not get any shadier, here someone with deep background. "chicago tribune" editorial member. kristin, what are your sources tell you tonight? this is getting messier by the moment. >> it's getting messier by the moment indeed. the state's attorney kim foxx, today was the first time she spoke out and try to defend her office, and she seems to be digging herself deeper into a whole. i have to tell you just on the ground here in chicago, no one really believes that this was a case that was handled fairly. the police detective work on this case was rock-solid. even the state's attorney's office has conceded that point.
7:27 pm
so why they not only dropped the charges but seal the case and expunged his record at the state level so that none of this would even show up in a search of him is really beyond. why they gave up all this leverage is very frustrating for chicago residents by and large. >> laura: what do you think about these questions, the political connections, the reaching out by former michelle obama top staffer right to kim foxx at's office, to her directly. and then reaching out to kim foxx, going from that to mr. johnson, the police superintendent basically saying why don't we give this to the fbi. >> wright, chicago is a big city but it often operates as a small town. so the fact that you have someone who has the chief prosecutor's private cell phone number making connections between her and a defendant and a defendant who is facing criminal charges, and her sort
7:28 pm
of trying to smooth, make a smoother glide path for him is questionable. that's something that hasn't been talked about as much of the national media but it is something that chicago is very focused on and i think you're going to see like you mention perhaps federal authorities looking into this as well as others. >> laura: they are. a statement that just came out, another one from smollett's attorney patricia brown, she says the assistant state attorney appeared in court and dismissed the charges. smollett forfeited his bond. the cases closed. no public official has the right to violate mr. smollett's due process rights." i can tell you what they are clearly alleging is that the police and the mayor, in the process of violating smollett's due process rights by even coming out and giving that statement. what do you think the police and the mayor's office is going to say that? >> it's what we see in chicago law which is it's a double helix of politics and clout.
7:29 pm
governing basic day-to-day decisions, including prosecution of this case. i think the police department had no choice but to come out and defend themselves. they spent thousands of man-hours on this case. they had surveillance records. they proved it. then they have the states attorney basically throw their whole case out the window, including extra possessions for him. basically -- there's no exoneration of jussie smollett, just so we all are clear on that. the state's attorney's office does not deny that the case was solid. he got a couple days of community service. for filing a false police report and alleging a hate crime they didn't happen. >> laura: real hate crimes and real victims are hurt by all of this. kristen, thank you so much. now that jussie smollett is a free man, he could be hitting the red carpet this weekend at the naacp awards. where he's nominated for outstanding supportive actor in
7:30 pm
a drama for his work on empire. but a group is calling on the naacp to rescind the nomination. they say that the crass display of celebrity privilege is harmful to race relations and the reputation of the law enforcement committee. here now is horace cooper. you feel it to be a slap in the face. >> absolutely. here's an example in chicago where the police did what we wanted them to do. they gave it serious consideration, brought the resources to bear. no one was injured. no one was accused of misbehavior. they bring a case forward. the prosecutor's office says yes, you've done everything right and the grand jury, 16 counts they say this behavior needs to be accounted for. this time, they just allowed him to walk. if that's not privilege, i don't know what privileges. >> laura: the empire producers basically said in in a statemet yesterday that we are
7:31 pm
gratified to see the results. >> his colleagues, several of the people who are not riders on the program, they are really concerned about this behavior and one of the reasons is, if you or i or any other normal mainstream american were doing have engaged in these kind of behaviors, we would be held accountable. >> laura: i think we all have to remember he hired two nigerian guys to actually fake an attack with a rope around his neck and apparently he thought they threw bleach on him too i guess white and his skin. that's what we were led to believe. initially the report maga hat wearing it -- we thought it was like this but imagine if the shoe were on the other foot and some white guys had two black guys approached and because, and they called him a cracker and made fun of the fact that he loved trump and it was all made up in the end.
7:32 pm
the naacp would want that guy's head. >> absolutely. >> laura: frankly all of us would. >> would rain down on them. here's the point. this guy is proving privilege isn't about your race. it's not about your gender. people who are elites like these hollywood types, they are able to come in. there's a divide in america, and it's between main street and these elites. it's about time that people recognized what's really going on and it starts with the naacp. he should not be considered for any kind of -- >> laura: the naacp loses a lot of credit ability. anthony anderson said this. >> i hope he's here. i hope he's here, and i hope he wins. i hope everyone wins. it's a big event, and i'm glad everything has worked out for him.
7:33 pm
>> it is a sin and a shame. this shouldn't happen. he should be held accountable. >> laura: well, he wants him to win and a is glad it's all behind him. >> tells us everything we need to know about hollywood. >> laura: you know it's bad when even rahm emanuel thinks it's a travesty. he has reached the pinnacle of law enforcement, and this is the way he's going to be remembered. horace, thank you so much. smollett isn't the only celebrity escaping justice. we are going to expose a few others as well as the late-night comedians melting down over mueller. raymond arroyo is here with "seen and unseen." do your asthma symptoms ever hold you back? about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. fasenra is designed to target and remove these cells. fasenra is an add-on injection for people 12 and up with asthma driven by eosinophils. fasenra is not a rescue medicine
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>> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segment will re-expose the big cultural stories of the day. well, new case of celebrity injustice. late-night hosts in hollywood are melting down over the mueller news and why is the pope withholding his ring from the faithful? joining us with all the details, raymond arroyo, fox news
7:38 pm
contributor, "new york times" best-selling author of the brand-new book "world while her, the amulet of power." the left losing their minds over the reporting of the mall report. >> late-night land is really imploding and it's not a pretty scene. there is a great sadness and late-night. here is trevor noah. >> little disappointed. it's like coming down the stairs on christmas morning. you were hoping for a brand-new bmx but instead you find santa's dead body. we have footage from when he found out that mueller had let him off the hook. >> when it comes to donald j. trump's collision with russia, you did not collude. [laughter] >> he went on to say that is every liberal in america. that part was funny. that may be the most truthful moment of the week. the problem is when politics becomes the center of these comedy shows and the narrative
7:39 pm
begins to fall apart, things turn nasty. very fast. >> over at trump tv, they will agree that this was a terrible, terrible thing and they want revenge. if you got rid of all of the conspiracy theorists, propagandists, liars, fox news will be a bunch of empty couches. >> wait a minute. they promoted a story line that fell apart, but you are the liar, propagandists, and conspiracy theorist? i'm not following this at all. >> laura: i literally have never seen a show but was he a big hit across the pond? >> no, he's a south african. >> laura: that's a big pond. that's how much i don't know about him. >> your fourth stage of grief, depression, was all over for stephen colbert. the laughs were few. >> this weekend we received some troubling news. our president is not a russian assets.
7:40 pm
trump is not working with the russians. what the hell is wrong with him? why does he keep saying nice things about vladimir putin? >> laura: it doesn't work. >> when your first obligation is to an agenda and not laughs, it runs aground fast. >> laura: he hasn't been funny since he was trying to channel o'reilly. >> he was great. >> laura: that got old. they are always living vicariously. >> people want to bust a gut. they don't want him to cut political opponents. he reported on the jussie smollett. a celebrity escaping justice because he is a celebrity. he's not alone. there's a culture of celebrity injustice emerging. video hit social media this week of wrapper cardi b talking about her past. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. [bleep] that's what i used to do. [bleep] [bleep] >> she is saying she drugged
7:41 pm
people and robbed them. she would take them to hotels. >> laura: imagine if a white country music star went on television and said three years ago. that was three years ago. >> i would drugged them and robbed them. the authorities would be bangin banging. on the concert door. >> laura: she's a fascinating fascinating -- >> she was saying that she was just doing what she had to do to make a living. >> laura: that is sort of the mafia. that's how they make a living. >> dr. dre this week, he braked on instagram that his daughter got into usc with no help from him. he quickly had to pull that instrument posting down when he was reminded that he donated $70 million of the school and they named a building after him several years ago. there is a double standard. they just keep playing it. >> laura: you have to explain one thing. i was confused by this. this vatican video emerged that enraged a lot of people this week. it showed pope francis grading
7:42 pm
pilgrims that were coming to visit. he withholds his ring. they like to kiss the ring. it's kind of cool. watch. >> he not only pulls it away, laura. he swats a few of these poor people. i called the papal pullback. according to those close to the pope, he's uncomfortable with the kissing of the papal ring. this is a medieval holdover. it's a way catholics over centuries have shown their respect not for the pope but for the office. it's the office. could you let them kiss the ring. why can't they kiss the ring if they want to kiss the ring? >> as dora the explorer might say, papa, stops wiping. though the last two popes didn't care for, they allow people to
7:43 pm
do it. it's a sign of generosity and respect. >> laura: a few years ago. >> he indulged others. he does it all the time actually. there are other people. look at this picture. a guy who was performing for him, he looks very happy to have them kiss the ring. >> laura: seems delighted. that's a very cozy photo. >> today there was a nun in the general audience, she kissed his ring with no problem at all. i think there is an odd discomfort here for some but he indulges a few others. laura. now it's your moment. go ahead. say goodbye to me and the only way possible -- >> laura: get out. [laughter] >> i will give you the benediction on the way out. >> laura: i think it's fine. if people want to kiss the ring. the church has enough problems. let them kiss the ring. it's virtue signaling. it's virtue signaling. look at me. it's not a clerical --
7:44 pm
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>> laura: as we have been arguing for months, there must be consequences for bad actors in and out of government. innocent people who are unfairly targeted deserve justice. and so do the american people whose money is wasted. tonight repercussions could be coming on two fronts. as we reported earlier, the fbi
7:49 pm
is now investigating what was behind the state attorney kim foxx's decision to drop those 16 charges against empire actor jussie smollett. my next guest with the support of the majority leader mitch mcconnell is preparing investigations into the political bias at the fbi that targeted president trump. joining me now, the head of the senate judiciary committee, lindsey graham. all right, senator, the theme of repercussions, and both of these cases, can we expect the doj's full involvement? >> yeah, i think so. i think bulbar is it -- bill barr is a man at the department of justice, this has been his life's work and i think he's disappointed and concerned by the way the fbi handled the fisa warrant application, the counterintelligence investigation, and he's going to be very supportive of looking to find out how this got off the rails. >> laura: a lot of folks when they approach me and i'm traveling on the country, i'm sure you get the same thing. people say how do hillary's people managed to smash blackberries, unmask all these americans with probably for dubious reasons.
7:50 pm
the u.n. ambassador unmasking, samantha power. how is this all happening? there's never any repercussions. what do you say to them on that score? >> one, let's find somebody to prove that it did happen that we all trust. mueller, i stood behind him because i thought it was a fair guy come a lot of people on our side thought he was on a witch . i didn't quite frankly. the president has been vindicated. let's take somebody like mueller to ask these questions. did they get a fisa warrant by using compromised, bogus information? >> laura: they did, didn't they? >> i think so but let someone other than lindsey graham and laura ingraham to say it. look at the other side of the story. if they find something, i want to believe it based on the evidence, not politics. >> laura: is bill barr looking into the possibility of appointing another special counsel? >> i am urging him for one civil reason. this is an emotional event. most republicans believe they
7:51 pm
were out to get trump. most people think that straw can pay jen mccabe and comey wanted clinton to win and trump to lose and they took the law into their own hands. if that's true, it's horrible. let's find someone that can tell us if it's true, take the appropriate action. i think it's very important to have a mueller-like figure. >> laura: i know that you think so but you've had conversations with barr. you had dinner with him the other night. is he approaching that decision? is there a timetable in which he'll make that decision? >> i think he's going to look at what happened. the question for him, should it be me and the professionals here inside the building or should i get somebody outside the system. it's not a question of if he looks. it's how he looks. >> laura: while, they are attacking him now. they are trashing his credibility on the left. they are saying he's a political actor, that mueller shouldn't have trusted him to make the obstruction decision. i've never heard of someone who is a bush attorney general -- everyone is elevating the bushes
7:52 pm
now for a variety of reasons. i've never heard anyone attack bill barr in his professionalism until the left got into their multiple stages of grief here. >> like adam schiff has become the new oliver stone of the house, there's nothing that will ever satisfy them. bill barr is one of the greatest people to ever serve in the department of justice, highly respected on both sides of the aisle and trump got to be president. the point i'm making is let's have somebody that maybe we can find, like mueller, to look at the other side. >> laura: let's talk about a man who you probably wouldn't recommend take over this investigation. jim comey. he was on nbc tonight. he was last seen gazing up at the redwoods. he was on nbc tonight commenting. let's watch. >> if there are questions that haven't been answered in the hours and hours and hours of testimony i've given, of course i'll answer them. i want it all done in the light of day. no more secretive positions.
7:53 pm
public hearings to serve the public interest. if there are questions to be asked about how we handle this investigation or any other, let me know when you want me. >> laura: he's ready. >> okay, one is going to be in public and i'll give you a heads up. one of the questions i'm going to ask, did bruce ohr tell you you shouldn't trust christopher steele and how much time and attention did you put into verifying the dossier before you certified to the court that it was reliable. there you go. think about it. come to the committee soon and give me the answer in public. you will testify, my friend, in public, not behind closed doors and you will answer for your time is fbi director. >> laura: i want to get your take on another event that happened. one of your former colleagues, senator joe biden. he seemed poised to launch a presidential bid but like a lot of democrat candidates, he has to say that he's sorry about a lot of what he did. he's attempting to apologize for how anita hill, my old boss clarence thomas' confirmation hearings.
7:54 pm
>> a bunch of white guys. she faced a committee they didn't fully understand what it was all about. to this day, i regret i couldn't come up with the way to get her the kind of hearing she deserve deserved. >> he's a good guy. if he's not proud of the life he's lived, why should we make him president. if you really have to apologize for most of the things you've done your political life, why should we take you for being president? >> laura: i think his comment is actually racially charged. when i say that, i think by saying if it's a panel of white men, you can't be fair? that's judging someone based on race. i thought we weren't supposed to do that. >> the problem is the party of joe biden is dead and he's trying to find a way in the new party. in the new party, you have to apologize because if you are a white guy, you can possibly be fair. this is what's going to undercut him. i like joe biden. i like the real joe biden. i think he's been wrong on
7:55 pm
policy, but what he's doing now is putting in question whether or not he's authentic. do you really believe he thinks that this apology is sincere? is he just trying to position himself for political advantage? i think he's apologizing to get an advantage in a crazy primary. >> laura: lindsey graham, it is so great to see you. don't be a stranger. thanks for staying up late. don't forget to vote in my twitter poll who is the biggest threat to the united states. russia or china or north korea? we are going to reveal the results in just moments. windshi. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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remember my new podcast dropped today. trans-humanism. do you know what it is? you should because it's coming. subscribe. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> shannon: we know our viewers are super smart and they were clearly listening to you, laura. have a great night. we began with a fox news alert. president trump on offense tonight. he's breaking news on everything from the mueller probe to barr's summary to declassify and fisa documents and possible presidential pardons. he's also firing back after former fbi director james comey said he sees potential obstruction of justice. we are going to cover that all tonight so stick around. plus breaking news tonight on jussie smollett. we are looking into why his charges were dropped, and we are not the only ones. plus, how is the saga driving a wedge into the obama world? breaking news on that front in minutes. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we have fox team coverage night.


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